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I’m a viking!

Yesterday the postman brought me a small package on which I was waiting for for more then 2 months: a new simcard for my iPhone.

Mobile VikingsIn December of last year Mobile Vikings announced that they would start as an MVNO (for BASE) in Belgium. Mobile Vikings is a movement that fights for free Internet on your mobile phone. If you reload your prepaid card for 15 euro, you get 1000 free SMS’s and 1GB of data traffic for your mobile phone. Even the rates for SMS’s and voice calls are cheap compared to other operators.

Well, that sounded interesting, but I was a little bit afraid. I was a customer with Proximus, the best mobile operator in Belgium. The quality of their network is superior compared to other networks, they have a 3G network and have the best coverage in Belgium. So what would it be if I switched to BASE? I know my brother sometimes has reception problems, and their simcards are not supported by all phones. Would I take the risk to switch? Yes!

Mobile Vikings box with simcard and badgeIn January I created an account at Mobile Vikings and in February I ordered my simcard. And yesterday the postman dropped my new simcard in my mailbox. The box contained a simcard and a badge. If you are interested in a free badge, send me a message and I’m happy to give it to you wink.

My previous simcard still contained credits, so I enabled 3G on my old sim, surfed a lot, tested the receptions at different places… This morning I completed the transfer of my mobile number. 30 minutes later the technical transfer was done and I installed my new simcard. Then just reloading my prepaid card and I cas ready to go. Everything went very fluent, and here are my first experiences with Mobile Vikings…

As most of you know I have an iPhone. It is possible to use GPRS, EDGE and 3G to surf on the internet with this phone. With Proximus I could only use 3G 30-50 percent of the time. The coverage in the area where I live isn’t as good at they tell it should be. But when you have a 3G reception, it is very fast. With Mobile Vikings I have to use EDGE. My first feeling is that EDGE is just a little bit slower than 3G, but I have EDGE coverage everywhere! At all place where I’ve been today I had a good reception and I know that that wasn’t the case with 3G. The signal is much better then I expected (and much better then people tell you), so this is very positive. Some sources (NetCheck) even say that BASE has today the best reception in Belgium.

After a closer look at the possibilities with mobile internet and settings of my phone I noticed a few strange things:
1. My voicemail settings are not correct.
2. Every time I make a phone call a “Call Forwarding Active” message pops up (which I have to close).
3. My iPhone thinks that I have a phone number that is different than the real number I have.
4. The simcard has support for two phone numbers.

The first 3 points were really annoying. I had to enter the number for my voicemail manually, my phone displays the wrong phone number and I always had to close a message box that pops up and I don’t know where it is coming from. It was time to ask some questions to my good friend Google; and I found them grin. I know that a lot of customers of Mobile Vikings are experiencing the same problems and haven’t found a solution for them, so here are the solutions:
1. To set the correct voicemail number, call *5005*86*1933#
2. To disable the “Call Forwarding Active” message, call ##002# and restart the phone
3. Changing the phone number is a tricky thing. The phone number that the iPhone displays is coming from the simcard, so the simcard itself must be configured. This is not possible with the iPhone. You have to put your simcard in another phone. On a SonyEricsson phone this setting can be found in your contacts/address book: “Contacts” (-> “Options” ->) “Special Numbers” -> “My Numbers”.

What about the support? Mobile Vikings is a modern company that offers solutions for young people. Don’t tell your parents that they should become a Mobile Viking! Why? Because it’s a real internet company: you have to register/configure everything via internet, reload your prepaid card online (paypal, visa, bancontact, ...), support is mostly done via e-mail (or call an expensive number), etc. This doesn’t have to mean that it is a bad thing. Their online application is very user friendly, detailed and has all the features it should have. But as you know, older people most of the time want to have a shop where they can go to grin.

My first experience is very positive! I have a very cheap prepaid account, free sms’s and mobile internet, and a good reception. Since it is a young company there are still a few minor issues (for examples see above), but nothing that can be solved. I can recommend it to everyone, especially if you have an iPhone/SmartPhone.

If you need an invitation code to register yourself as a mobile viking (not everyone can become a viking), just send me a message and I’m happy to send you one. Or if you are maybe already a Mobile Viking, tell me your experience.

Posted by  on  03/05  at  10:27 PM
I'm also a Viking since last week. What a relief, finally mobile internet for a reasonable price, and works without problems. Although it is a small new company, everything works perfect. I was allready waiting a few years for such a formula.
Posted by  on  03/10  at  02:28 PM
Hi dimitri, i've signed up for mobile vikings a while ago, but my sim card didn't arrive yet. I was wondering, how can you reload the amount of money on your phone? Because right now I'm used to reloading by buying a prepaid card at the supermarket. What are the possibilities with mobile viking? grtz
Posted by Dimitri  on  03/11  at  11:26 AM
Well, you can't reload your account with prepaid cards. Short codes like with Proximus (eg. *124#24*) are not possible at this moment. The only possibilities to reload are: Bancontact/MisterCash (online banking), Paybal or invoice. Since you have mobile internet with Mobile Vikings, you can log in on their site and reload your card with paypal. This is the way I do it. It's fast and easy, and you can do it anywhere you want.
Posted by  on  03/14  at  11:33 AM
Hi Dimitri, arrived at your site by chance googling how to get the voicemail butt in the iphone to call base... and there i read about viking, which i didn't know about and which sounds pretty much like what i was looking for -currently i'm prepaid base on 2G iphone, sms'ing with biteSMS and hardly calling to keep the prices down and 10€ mobile internet monthly, which is not so bad, but still a workaround- and there it was. plus I finally got rid of the annoying 'call forwarding' popup, so thanks for your post! Well, you don't know me, but I wonder if you'd be kind enough to send me an invite code. Cheers, Luis
Posted by Dimitri  on  03/15  at  05:29 PM
Yes Luis, that's not a problem. You should have received a personal mail with an invitation code from me. Have fun with it.
Posted by Angelina12  on  03/17  at  01:45 PM
I love your blog. You have a great way of presenting your topic.
Posted by lawyer  on  03/28  at  10:09 AM
Keep writing
Posted by  on  05/12  at  12:38 PM
Hi Dimitri, I was wondering if you still have some invitation codes left to gain access to the Mobile Vikings community. If so, would you be so kind to send me an invitation? Thank you so much! Kind regards Bart
Posted by Dimitri  on  05/15  at  07:49 AM
HI Bart, I've just end you an invitation code by mail. Hope you will be happy with your swap to Mobile Vikings.
Posted by Stef  on  05/31  at  11:32 AM
Hello Dimitri, I am glad to find a review of Mobile Vikings like this. You compared it with your previous provider and it appears to be that choosing Mobile Vikings is a real good choice. I am planning to buy a smartphone in a while. (I am a student and still have to do some vacation working to be able to buy one.. :P) And ofcourse I don't want to have such a device without being able to use it's full features! I have been planning on becoming a Mobile Viking myself after I bought the phone, especially after reading your review. It will be a big relief to be able to access the internet everywhere I want to, for such a low price. At this moment I haven't registered myself with Mobile Vikings yet, but I suppose this is possible even without ordering the SIM-card immediatly?
Posted by Dimitri Frederickx  on  05/31  at  12:53 PM
Yes, it is possible to register yourself without directly ordering a SIM-card, but you will always need an invitation code. Without an invitation code you will not be able to register yourself.
Posted by  on  06/09  at  10:22 PM
Hello Dimitri, I recently got an invite from a friend and today I also got an invite from Mobile Vikings themselves in my inbox. I tried to register, but the fourth step is asking for my current operator and phone number and the question "Yes, I want to keep my current phone number." with a checkbox. Does this mean that registering without ordering a sim card isn't possible?
Posted by  on  06/10  at  12:53 PM
Hey, do you have a invitation code left for me? Thanks in advance
Posted by  on  06/10  at  04:46 PM
Hello, do you have an invitation code left for me? Thank you!
Posted by Dimitri Frederickx  on  06/10  at  05:25 PM
@Stef : When I registered myself at Mobile Vikings (December last year) they weren't distributing sim-cards yet. I just registered myself on their website, filled in my credentials and also my current phone number and provider. After the registration process I had to manually choose to request a sim-card. Maybe the process is now changed, that is possible. I would advice you to give them a quick call...
@Jeroen : I've send you an invitation code by mail. Welcome to Mobile Vikings.
@Emma : I've just given my last un-used invitation code to Jeroen. If he hasn't used it before tomorrow evening, I'll forward the code to you. Else you have to request an invitation code to mobile vikings. Every week they distribute new codes to people who have send a request.
Posted by Dimitri Frederickx  on  06/10  at  05:28 PM
At this moment I don't have any invitation codes left. Sorry for those people who want a code. But this also means that 5 people became a Viking after reading my blog. :-)
Posted by  on  06/10  at  06:00 PM
I just tried it.. Unchecked 'Keep my current number' and registered. As you said I can request the SIM card later on, Dimitri. Also changing the 'Keep my current number' was possible after loging in. Now all I need more is some vacation work and a new phone.. :P @Emma Bouserie: this means I have 5 invitations codes now.. :) I'll e-mail you one of them.
Posted by Reinout Roels  on  06/18  at  11:55 AM
Hi! Do you have any MobileViking invites left? I would love to get one, so if you have any left and are kind enough to send me one, please do so! Reinout
Posted by Dimitri  on  06/19  at  06:46 AM
Sorry Reinout, but I don't have any initation codes left. My codes are all used. Sorry.
Posted by sofortkredite online  on  08/25  at  08:51 AM
Since this is a prepaid plan the 15 Euro can be used as a balance to pay for voice and SMS in case you send more than 1000 text messages/month (which seems unlikely). Any remaining balance rolls over the next month, you are required to top up at least once every 6 months to make sure you keep your credit. Your mobile number stays active for 12 months after your last top up.sofortkredite online
Posted by Free SMS  on  08/25  at  06:24 PM
I really want to go on the internet on my phone,I have free internet in my mobile phone and I think that with some program that allow me to shate the internet from my pc to my mobile pfone I could do the opposite and use the intenet from my phone to my pc.
Posted by  on  08/28  at  01:13 PM
Hi, maybe it is not the best place to ask, but I've tried to google it and no good results: do you know how can I deactivate call forwarding for Base? (I am changing phone setting, settings are sent to the network but it is just not working) Would appreciate any help!
Posted by Dimitri  on  08/28  at  08:29 PM
Hi Karol. If you mean the “Call Forwarding Active” message that some people get on an iPhone, call ##002# and restart the phone. That should do the job. If you mean really deactivating some call forwarding functionality on another phone, I have no idea. I would suggest that you call customer service from Base in that case.